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In the last several weeks, the BP Court-Supervised Settlement Program has begun making offers to Gulf Coast residents and businesses that submitted claims under the terms of the Settlement.

To date, just over 50,000 complete claims have been submitted through the Settlement Program. And in the few short months since the program officially kicked off, offers have been made for 3,347 of those claims, or approximately 5% of the complete claims submitted. Most of the offers that have been made so far have been to individual fishermen and others whose boats were used as “vessels of opportunity” during the clean-up efforts immediately following the 2010 oil spill. Claims administrators have announced that by October 1, they hope to have issued settlement offers or denials on 30% of the claims submitted.

While these numbers may seem low to some who have now been waiting over two years to see recovery from the oil spill, one issue that claims administrators have raised is that many claims that are submitted have incomplete documentation. In fact the claims program recently issued a reminder to individual BP claimants to make sure that they include the necessary supporting documentation for claims including benefits losses, reimbursable search costs or reimbursable training costs. This reminder was necessary because nearly 90% of the claims received were incomplete, slowing the time it takes to process them.

Businesses by the Beach can help you to understand the forms and documentation you need to submit to make sure your BP claim gets processed quickly.


  1. Gravatar for Tricia

    That's not true about the incomplete documents. I'm very tried of hearing that. They "lost" several years of my tax returns (GCCF) only to "find" it again and then ask for more. It's a delay tactic. And now the court system is using that as an excuse. I know what I am saying is true because I am living it right now.

  2. Gravatar for houston

    Tricia is so right. The Federal government is using cheap and immoral tricks to steal billions from American workers. One such trick aimed at those on SSI is to automatically move the date the person receives payment or 4 days out. This has the effect of stealing or 4 days of money from the claimant. It may be as much at $300 to $400. per person. Local governments are using forgotten about archaic laws to bilk money from home owners over code violations that have been ignored for decades but suddenly in vogue Townships are levying home owners with thousands in fines.

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