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Medical Harm Complaint Filed Against BP on Monday

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On Monday, attorneys for the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in the BP litigation filed two complaints that are intended to pave the way for the Settlement in Principle to be approved. One of those complaints was filed on behalf of individuals who suffered harm or injury from exposure to oil and chemicals during the clean-up process. Here are some details about what that complaint included.

The individuals covered by the complaint are “clean-up” workers. This includes the countless individuals who stepped up in the wake of the oil spill to mitigate its impact and clean up the gulf. This involved cleaning wildlife, decontaminating vessels and conducting onshore work.

In addition to the clean-up workers, the complaint additionally covers the following groups of individuals:

Those who lived within a half mile of the shore from Grand Isle to Dog Island, FL for at least 60 days between April 20 and September 30, 2010 and who developed an ailment during that time.

Those who lived in marshy areas within one mile of the shore between Vermilion Parish and Mobile County, AL for at least 60 days between the date of the explosion and December 31, 2010.

The groups of individuals covered by the medical complaint closely mirror the terms of the Settlement in Principle, which covers clean-up workers and then what are denominated as “Zone A” residents and “Zone B” residents.

The intention is that the Settlement in Principle will resolve these two separate class actions—one for medical harm and the other for economic harm and property damage—that have been filed against BP. The Settlement in Principle is expected to be filed today for preliminary approval.

Individuals who believe they may have a claim covered by the complaint or the Settlement in Principle can visit Businesses by the Beach for support and information.