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Town Hall Meetings for Those Affected by the BP Gulf Oil Spill Begin Tomorrow

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As I mentioned yesterday, town hall meetings which will discuss the opportunities for businesses who suffered losses from the BP Gulf oil spill, begin tomorrow April 10th.

During these meetings, those who attend will have the opportunity to speak with knowledgeable attorneys who have been actively working on the BP oil spill case for over 18 months. I strongly suggest all individuals affected by the spill to attend these meetings.

Damage to waterfront properties on the beach or wetlands area can lead to a potential economic and property damage settlement. Learn about potential compensation and how the settlement may affect your business. There is no limit to what BP is required to pay despite rumors of there being a $20 billion dollar trust fund. BP’s agreement made in June 2010 to pay $20 billion into an escrow account has nothing to do with this settlement, which was reached in principle only. There is a $2.3 billion dollar fund for seafood claims.

What will be discussed in the meetings

The meetings are free to everyone. Be sure to RSVP today.